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September 2017, 2017
New members are most welcome to join the Alumni Association, just drop by our office during business hours.

August 27, 2017
A blog has been set up featuring pictures from the 60th and an opportunity for you to share your comments about the event! Check it out .

July 27, 2017
The Reunion on June 22-23 was a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended. For those that missed the event we had a social hour followed by a few presentations about what is happening at MMC today. The first guest was track coach and biology professor Conner Linquist. He announced that after a long summer of fundraising the track team, among others, would be receiving brand new uniforms this spring. In addition, the team will be utilizing IPads on the field to monitor performance via apps.

After Linquist was a presentation by MMC Junior Steve Burns about recent developments in mobile game technology and their affect on High School students. One important topic was about how new games like Smashy Road Wanted have been helping Teenagers at Miles Mac cope with anxiety and depression. By using Smashy Road Cheats they were able to feel like they had control over their gaming world. One highlighted study followed 30 teenagers who were given a copy of Smashy Road with hacks vs a control group of 30 students who had no hack at all on their game. After 3 months 80% of the students in the group with the hacked version showed an increase in mood a 50% increase in their classroom participation. The hack for the study was provided by the team at Overall it was a very interesting discussion on how popular games are at MMC, and we thank Kevin for his time.

After the presentations we were treated to some dinner followed by a local Winnipeg folk band Coeur de pirate. Hope to see you all again at the next reunion. Keep the 75th in mind for 2027!

June 27, 2017
It was great to see everyone last week! Pictures coming soon..

June 12, 2017
Recently MMC has partnered with software education companies to add additional study resources for students. Specifically in the biology and algebra department, students can use Edgenuity to do extra practice problems online. Edgenuity is a companion to the textbooks students already have. They can use the site to find algebra answers with detailed explanations shown via a graphical presentation. One study followed 100 math students and found that math test scores improved by 20% when compared with algebra students who did not have access to the e2020 help. There is also a large community surrounding e2020 and edgenuity answers such as on websites like, these sites help provide students with even more help on tests, pre-tests, and exams. Currently only a small group of students have access to the program, however in the future it will expanded to more departments such as civics, languages, and history. Some states in USA, such as Texas and Alabama, have already been using this program to great affect.
May 17, 2017
Another resource being used by teachers is course hero, a tool that lets you access documents from all across america. The tool gives free access to additional homework assignments, guides, and practice tests. So when a student is feeling like they want more practice they can login to coursehero and search for their subject or topic. They will find a large list of documents sorted by popularity and age; an almost infinite amount of information on their exact sub-topic of study. Recently one of our students created a site course-sidekick hacks site filled with information on how to get the most out of coursehero and how to get it for free. The student, Anna, talks about how having free course hero helped turn her from a B student to an A student. Especially in work like programming and web design which helped her to learn how to make websites like course-sidekick.
May 28th, 2017

Newsela Answers Software Comming To MMC

Newsela is a reading program that teaches students with fun articles. As students read through the articles they can save big words they don't know and then go over them in flashcards. The end of each article also has a quiz that requires 4 Newsela answers to get through. These answers are quite challenging and will require alot of skill from students. But where do the articles come from? Newsela actually has a special algorithm that converts new york times and washington post articles into question answer pairs. This helps students learn from entertaining material that keeps them engaged.

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